What Are The Questions Asked In A Technical Round Of TCS Company Campus Interview?


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Pankaj Kumar Profile
Pankaj Kumar answered
Its a very common thing to first analyze your resume. Mention only those things that you know. Omit all the unknown things. For example, if you mention XML and you know XML then questions will be asked like What is advantage of XML?

My opinion is to go through the all basic theory of technology you know and that will be the win-win situation for you.

Don't be panic at the time of interview just calm down and concentrate what questions asked by the employer.
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hari krishna answered
All questions will be based on what you wrote on your resume; that is if you wrote known computer languages as Java, C++ then the questions will be on those languages.

The questions will be on the basics like "How can you create the Java documentation etc."?

If you have work experience, then all questions will be on your previous work. And also questions will be on your project.

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