How To Write A CV To Become A Waitress?


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High staff turnover and large numbers of applicants often leave managers with about 30 seconds to scan each submitted CV.

It is therefore imperative that CVs contain relevant information in an easy to read, attractive style and consist of no more than two pages.

If extensive experience seems to demand more space, wording should be edited and revised until the document has been reduced to two pages.

The CV or resume should be presented in black, with the applicant's name presented in bold and using font size 14 or 16 at the top.

Font size 10 or 12 should be used for the main body, preferably using font styles such as Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman or Tahoma. The chosen style should be applied consistently throughout.

Address and contact information should be placed directly below the name, follwed by a brief professional profile. This should consist of three to five short sentences outlining background, experience and career objectives.

Below this, a brief summary of relevant skills, in the shape of a table or a bulleted list, should be placed. Limiting this list to a maximum of eight outlines is advisable.

This summary should highlight relevant, transferable skills of customer service, such as;

- Awareness of health, safety and personal hygiene at work
- Excellent skills in customer service
- Ability to perform calmly and effectively under pressure
- Handling customer bills with good numerical skills
- Excellent interpersonal/communication skills
- Good team worker
- Able to use own initiative
- Able to remain calm when dealing with difficult customers

Previous experience is next and should include names of employers, starting/ leaving dates and job description.

Qualifications/training courses need to be accompanied by dates, institutions, subjects and certifications gained.

The last section should give brief details of personal interests.
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Normally you don't need any specific qualifications for becoming a waitress. However, you need to have a pleasant personality and good communication skills. Here is a link from where you can get sample resume for a waitress:
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If you dont have any previous experiance in working. How do you write one then? Same question. To become a watress. Because im a 2nd year law student. Dont really have any working experiance yet
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