Interview Tips For An Accountant Position?


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Accounting is not only a subject related to the finance; rather, it is a very technical study of the financial structure of an organization.
Below are some of the tips will help you to make pre-interview arrangements in order to get a job as a successful accountant:

• Make a through research about the company
• Study their financial and accounting structure
• Prepare your own list of questions you think you could be asked at interview
• Read the company's annual report that shows either company is in profit or at loss.
• Prepare a summary how you can add value to the company.
• Study the most critical aspect of accounting.
• Study the nature of Business Company is doing either a public or joint venture company.
• Study and analyze their stock market position, either the stock price is stable or there is instability. If so what are reasons behind that?
• Recall a situation in which you helped your previous employer to come out of a big financial crisis.

During interview you can do the following

• Do mention your area of interest in accountancy and any particular expertise.
• Why is this position open?
• Your must show your experience.
• Be clear about your goals
• Ask questions to the employer that show your professional approach and your experience
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When you are going or an interview, going unprepared is the worst thing you could do. The commonly used proverb 'the first impression is the last impression' actually holds true in this case. Firstly, dress appropriately.

Make sure you look like a professional and not just some guy in search of a job. Secondly, keep your resume ready and filed in a neat and not too fancy folder. You will have to act smart and not over smart. Don't let them think you know more than them even if you do. Always treat your interviewer with respect. Things like asking permission to sit or interrupting with permission is a must. Keep answers ready for questions like how do you expect to make the job easy for us how are you better than others and where do you see yourself five years from now.

Do your homework, always memorise a brief of the company because you don't want to be silent when they ask you how much you know about their company. These are some tips of how to prepare for the interview. Whether you will get the job is a question that only you can answer and nobody else.
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I collected some accountant interview questions.

  1. What is balance sheet?
  2. Do you have any idea about Service Tax or Excise?
  3. What is the tally accounting?
  4. In accounting, VAT abbreviates what?
  5. Define Executive accounting?
  6. What is a CPA?
  7. Do you think Accounting Standards are mandatory and why?
  8. Differentiate Accounting and Auditing?
  9. Define retail banking?
  10. Define depreciation and its types?
  11. Define balancing in accounting?
  12. Define Marginal Cost?
  13. Define trade bills?
  14. Mention the types of accounts involved in double entry book-keeping?
  15. What is General ledger account?
  16. Mention what is assets minus liabilities?
  17. Mention what is Bank Reconciliation?
  18. Explain what are the activities that include in Cash Flow Statement?
  19. What is working capital?
  20. What is Fund flow and Cash flow? How to prepare Cash & fund flow statements?
  21. What Account is Salary outstanding? Is it real, personal or nominal account?
  22. What are the Fictitious assets?
  23. What is Departmental Accounting?
  24. Mention what is trial balance in accounting?
  25. what is the Master Account?
  26. what is the difference between depreciation and amortization?
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Whatever job the interview is for, the following tips will definitely help you:

1. Dress up well, neat and tidy. What you wear should be appropriate for the kind of job you are applying for.
2. Be organized
3. Be confident and answer every question in a self assured manner
4. Be to the point and do no ramble
5. Look the interviewer in the eye. Do not avoid eye contact
6. Find out everything that you can about the company before going for the interview.
7. When asked, how much salary do you expect, what I always say is ," the maximum you can offer is the minimum I can take" :) I always makes them smile!
8. when they ask you tell us something about yourself, You can always tell them something interesting or amusing about yourself. Humour never fails anywhere. If you can make someone smile, even if it is a professional interviewer that means you have left a good impression on them.

However if you are one of those people who gets really jittery in a job interview, maybe you should leave the humour out. In that case, you should tell them about your previous work experience. Maybe, you should start off with your first job and how you started and all.

You can also highlight a specific achievement that you have accomplished on a job or in academics or even in extra curricular activities. You can tell them about in interesting incident from your life. Something that will leave a good impression.

Other things that you can talk about can be:

Your hobbies and interests
Your volunteer activities, (if you have volunteered for something)
If you were active in sports you can tell them about your achievement in sports or anything extra curricular.
If you have travelled, you can tell them about your travelling experiences. etc.

If you need any more ideas, let me know and I will add to the list :)

I hope this helps.

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